Having food allergies is not fun. Choosing to live a vegan, gluten-free lifestyle is not easy.

Whether it’s an allergy or a lifestyle preference, finding a truly delicious treat that accommodates these restrictions is nearly impossible!

Since developing food allergies a couple of years ago, and then having my 4-year-old daughter put on a vegan diet by her doctor in hopes to help with her autism concerns, it’s been quite a struggle finding yummy treats!

When my daughter turned 4, I could not believe that there weren’t options around town to buy her a vegan birthday cake.

I went to all the bakeries, grocery stores, and dessert shops I could find. I spent hours googling and calling around in hopes to find something.


The best thing I’ve been able to find for a special occasion is a tiny, boring, weird-tasting frozen cheesecake in one of the grocery stores.

I then made it my mission to create yummy treats that were so good, no one would even know they were vegan or gluten-free.

And now, I want to share these DELICIOUS cookies with all the other people, especially kids, that are dealing with this struggle! And trust me, I know that the STRUGGLE IS REAL.

I hope you love these cookies as much as I do, and that I can help make your lives a little easier and a little more enjoyable!